Continuing a legacy

My brother is in the police academy and two weeks ago on February 16th was his gun and shield day. Aside from this being his gun and shield day, it was also the one year anniversary of our father’s passing. He was a police officer for over 20 years and my brother was honored with his original shield. We had to be at the academy pretty early, when we got there it was after 8am and there were already other recruits with their families along with photographers and media. We waited in a conference room until my brother came in, with us were cops who worked and knew our dad. One being his boss at another police department, a Sargent he worked for and a long time friend who worked with him as well. It was an emotional but happy moment seeing him getting our father’s original shield. Photos came afterwards and being that I’m a photographer I bought my camera along to capture some moments from the ceremony and afterwards. My Mom made a photo set of photos of our dad when he was a police officer for my brothers ceremony. It was a surprise that he really was happy to get and it’s hanging on his wall in his room now. I was able to capture this photo and another of my brother holding the picture frame. It shows how one started a career and how another is continuing what was started. After the photographer took photos and people had some refreshments, everyone was chatting and recruits were getting more of their gear. I was able to get some shots of the academy itself and the building is huge, it overlooks Queens and bridges in the distance. Becoming a police officer is something my brother has wanted for a long time. He was a police officer at Ocean Beach last year and he’s now going to be a NYPD officer as our father was. When I look at him I see our dad, he looks just like him when he was younger. I know he’s proud of my brother for his accomplishments and is always watching over him. He will always have a piece of our father with him by wearing his shield . It was a honor that made him emotional but proud. With graduation in less than two months, he’s achieving something he’s always wanted. I’m proud of my brother and know he will be a great police officer.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing this special day and event with us Anisa. I know you and your family miss your dad dearly, but I am sure he is watching over you all and that you will see him one day again. Then your brother and dad will share all their life stories about being a police officer.

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    1. shesbeaming says:

      Iā€™m happy you liked my post Lisa ! Thank you šŸ’›


  2. Speaking Bipolar says:

    You are a great sister. It’s nice to see young men continue to work hard to protect us. Thanks for sharing the special memory.

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    1. shesbeaming says:

      Thank you ! My brother is very happy to be a officer and doing what he loves.


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