Get Better Portrait Photos

Being a newbie photographer, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to taking portrait photos. Making the subject stand out or focusing on the background can make the photo appealing. With these tips it can help with getting your work noticed on different platforms too. Here I’m going to share 4 tips to get better portrait photos.

  1. Finding the right lens. Depending on what lens you use, will make your photos sharp and bring the subject into focus. Great portrait lenses are 50mm, 35mm and 85mm. I currently use a 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits and I love this lens. It’s sharp and I love that it blurs the background out to focus on a subject. In this photo you see the lens focused on my daughter and blurred the background out.
  2. Posing. So with poses I feel it really depends on the photographer and the people in the shoot but I prefer natural and engaging poses. Sometimes poses look too posed and not natural looking. Having subjects face the camera or walking towards it even walking in a different direction can change the aspect of the photo. Even with angles shooting from various angles you can capture a certain look and feel of a photo.
  3. Location. Whever you do a portrait shoot, locations do play part in how the photo will turn out. Having backgrounds with texture and pops of color can make the subject stand out. If the shoot is at a beach or in the middle of a field utilizing the area and what around will help enhance the photo.
  4. Lighting. Lighting is very important, it’s something I’m still learning about each time I pick up my camera. If you’re taking photos outside on a sunny day, it’s better to have the sunlight behind the subject rather than facing it because who wants the sunlight blinding them and with the light behind them you capture a better image. Even with the light on the sides from them or taking the photo at a distance with the light behind them will give a better turn out.With the help of being in different photography groups and watching different videos these tips have helped me improve on my portrait photography. I hope these tips help any of you who are aspiring photographers out there. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips to help with portrait photography and what your favorite lenses are !

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