Sunday night Spooky Fest

Sunday night I took my daughter to Tanglewood for Spookyfest, it’s a Halloween theme festival that is a week long in October at night. My cousin told me about it and I met her there. Upon arriving the streets were blocked off and you could see the lights and hear faint screams of the people inside. They have spooky and non spooky activities,There’s a spooky and non spooky walk, mazes, animals and reptile exhibits, face painting and pictures with different characters We went through the animal exhibit first, there were goats, peacocks, turtles, lizards and other reptiles. Each section was lit up with reds and blue color hues which made it creepy but enjoyable. Once we got through we got some food and then I took Aviana to get her face painted she got a cute pumpkin painted on her cheek. There was a maze that was child friendly and it had lights, a skeleton sitting on hay right as you walking through and other Halloween theme items. I’ve never been through a fun filled maze before, any other maze I’ve gone through was at farms out east in Long Island and those are big with just scarecrows. Going to the non spooky walk, there were people lined up for the psychic reading and not far from there was the spooky walk and people were running and screaming from the darkness. ( it was very scary from what I was told) . The non spooky walk was filled with hanging ghosts, twists and turns with more Halloween theme decorations. This part was my favorite because there were a lot of things to see and Aviana enjoyed the walk along with us taking pictures.Filled with lights and pumpkins along the trail each area was filled with different attractions. Here, we walked through a wall of foam and lights it was very pretty going through it, I had to stop get and a photo of it. Spooky fest was fun, I’m glad Aviana gets to experience these fun activities. Being that it was her first Halloween it was important for me to take her here and out trick or treating. The fest is family fun and it goes on for a week every October. One of the best things about Fall is the festivals and Halloween fests that go on the week before Halloween.


12 thoughts on “Sunday night Spooky Fest

  1. I’m so sad that Halloween is over and all of the fun spooky haunts that go along with it! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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  2. Ahh, this looks like so much fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always love seeing the joy funny things like spooky houses bring to families! 🙂

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    1. It was ! I like that they have things for kids too besides the scary things


  3. Sounds like you all had fun, love the activities.

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  4. Wow! This sounds like loads of fun. Where I am halloween is not a big deal…so you’ll never find anything like this 😦 I wish my kids would experience a festival like it once. Enjoyed the read 🙂

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    1. It was fun ! We had a great time


  5. she’s such a cutie, i hope she had a lot of fun with you 🙂

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    1. Thank you ! She enjoyed herself 😊


  6. The idea of Spooky fest has me a bit scared. But the pictures of you and your family are absolutely adorable!

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    1. Thank you ! I wasn’t sure how it would be at first but it was fun and we enjoyed it


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