Finesse the gram and your blog

Do you want to finesse the gram? Have great quality looking pictures on your blog ? I have to say I've gotten better with editing my photos and making them look professional and well put together. What's my secret ? Well there's no secret but I'll share how I edit them and what apps I use. I don't do heavy editing or too much because I want my photos to look clean and not over done. When I edit photos for Instagram I use Facetune 2 and Darkroom. I took this picture one evening a few weeks ago. I love taking pictures of sunsets, here's an example. I used Facetune 2 to edit the details of this sunset. The first picture I brought out the details which is the pink/purple colors and anything such as the trees and small bits of orange in the background. With dark room I made the pink/purple colors more prominent. I wanted to really show the colors of sunset and Darkroom is a great app for that. I really like Facetune 2 and Darkroom because you can use whitening tools, smoothing and sharpening , along with filters and fixing small details. Darkroom is a new app I found and I really like it, it's great for adjusting saturations and how much color you want to show in pictures. With blog photos I use Phonto and Canva. With the photo above I usually add an image to the original picture and add a title font to it. Then I'll sometimes edit and add a filter;other times leave it as is. Canva is where I get some images I use for blog posts. I like that I can edit the initial template and change it up to how I want. I haven't used Canva for anything else but blog photos but it has categories like Instagram, YouTube banners, Facebook banners, snap geo filters and logos where you can make and customize any of the templates to what you need. Lately I've been using Canva for coming up with a YouTube banner for my page, before I tried other apps for making a banner but there was only a limited amount of templates and I couldn't upload my own images. Sometimes I use VSCO cam and snapseed but Facetune 2 and Darkroom are my go to editing apps. If you want your pictures to look neat, clean and professional remember a little of editing does go a long way. Don't over do whitening or over sharpening the photo. It's fine to use a picture off Pinterest and add your own twist to it. If you haven't tried these apps give them shot! They're super easy to use and make your pictures look amazing.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I always love to see how other people edit their photos for Instagram! I usually use VSCO cam and Snapseed for the gram and use the same for my blog posts (with occasionally PicMonkey!) Thanks for the great post!

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    1. shesbeaming says:

      I’ve heard of picmonkey but haven’t used it ! Thank you ! I like seeing how others edit their photos too


  2. Madiha says:

    I use these apps too! theyre really good

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  3. Thank you. This was an interesting read. Some good apps listed here.


    1. shesbeaming says:

      Glad you enjoyed it !


  4. cnnq says:

    Thank you…its very usefull

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    1. shesbeaming says:

      You’re welcome !


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